FULL Creative’s mission is to change how the world works. Ideas are not bound by place or time, and their implementation shouldn’t be either. We are building toward a future when people can contribute free from limitations. We see the potential for a more inclusive, more competitive model where outputs trump inputs.

We believe people should be able to work and learn together whether they’re across the table or across the world. In the conference room of your office building, on a commuter train, or sitting inside a sidewalk cafe, we empower people to communicate, collaborate, and produce. We don’t just want to change the world, we want to improve it through solutions that scale, empower and disrupt expectations.


Ready to be instrumental in the next group of FULL Creative rock stars? We’re looking for a Videographer to create and explore on the pre and post production of videos. Also, to bring out a variety of outputs for Promotional Videos as well as training and story-led content.

As our Videographer you will be working with different teams across the organization to create videos internally and externally.


  • Confident with use of a variety of cameras, lights, microphones, tripods etc.
  • Should know how to adjust cameras and use lighting to achieve desired professional and cinematic look in a given environment.
  • Experience of recording equipment to record clean, professional audio from interviews, narrative scenes and BRoll.
  • Experience to use dollies and other stabilization systems.
  • Expertise in planning and organizing interviews, shoots, Pre-Production scenes and creating scripts and storyboards for production
  • How to direct subjects during interviews, narrative filming and B Roll.
  • How to collect footage from distance. (Specifically during COVID-19, but also when requiring content from inaccessible locations).
  • Knowledge of photographic principles to work with lighting, camera settings and composition.
  • Expertise in using different lights (strobes), backdrops/scenes to create different styles of image.
  • Knowledge in directing a model/subject, taking product/flat lay/ Real Estate photography.
  • Photo-retouching editing skills in Adobe Photoshop
  • Experience of 1 to 2 yrs in the above mentioned.


  • Understanding of the following tools:
    • Editing (cutting) using Adobe Premiere Pro CC
    • Sound Design using Adobe Audition CC
    • Animating and adding graphics using  Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects CC. Also Knowledge of Design Team’s tools (Sketch and Figma)
    • Colouring using either Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Davinci Resolve
  • Understand how to use branding guidelines, typesets, colours, styles.
  • Curating engaging and apt soundtracks for different outputs.
  • Exporting different formats for different media (websites vs. youtube vs social media)
  • Should be a team player and work along with stakeholders to bring the desired result.



We hand-pick our team out of hundreds of applications. If you're hired, know that we already have high expectations for you. If you're up to meeting those expectations, send your contact information and upload your cover letter and resume in a PDF or DOC file.

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