The 3 C’s of Giving

Taking care of customers, colleagues, and the community

We’ve talked about the 3 P’s of sustainability: People, Planet, and Profit. Here’s another set of letters for your motivational alphabet: the 3 C’s of giving.

When you get right down to it, FULL Creative is in the customer service business. So it makes sense that the first C of giving stands for Customer. We help our clients give great service to their customers. When we approach that work with a spirit of giving, we’re halfway there.

The second C of giving is for Colleagues. Our teams work best when people focus on being helpful to one another. Whatever our role in the company, we all appreciate it when our fellow team members are more collaborative than competitive. Every day is an opportunity to give that to the people we work with.

The third C of giving is for Community. No company is an island. We’re part of a greater world, and as an organization we strive to be a good citizen. Sharing the vision of a world where Anywhere Works is part of that.

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