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A company’s greatest asset is its people. The people who chose the company and decided to give it their all. While the world knows FULL Creative and our products that make work from Anywhere possible, it is time to bring some of our experts and creators into the limelight. In this article, we are meeting Nithya Vadivel, our Sr. QA Automation Engineer.

Nithya has been a part of FULL Creative since 2016. She started out as a testing intern, became a Jr. Testing Engineer and today, she is a Sr. QA Automation Engineer. Surprisingly, Nithya is not a student of computer science. She has her degree in electronics and her first job upon graduation was a customer support role. She switched between a couple of customer service jobs before realising that she found no satisfaction doing them. That was when she made the bold choice to shift her career to the IT sector. And she never turned back.

Nithya’s choice to pave her way in Testing was slightly influenced by her dislike for coding. Ironically, one month into the internship, she fell in love with codes. When she did a short course on testing and joined FULL, she came with just manual testing knowledge. But she had the unrelenting drive to learn automation and do all that was needed to excel. This is when she fell in love with AdaptiveU, our learning platform. AdaptiveU is her go to place to learn about anything; be it a new programming language or the latest changes in the tech scene, one can always find a course or a video about it. Her willingness to learn anything and everything plays a huge part in her success.

Six months into the job, she was tasked to work with a team of developers to write automation testing using JavaScript. Although it was a daunting task, when she started researching it, she realised that automation testing with JavaScript was very easy and saved a lot of time. After this was completed, she started working with the integration team on CI/CD pipelines. She loves her work. When asked what brings her the satisfaction of having accomplished something at the end of the day, she points us towards all the bugs and issues that she has fixed. “There is no such thing as an unsolvable problem. It just needs more time and dedication” says Nithya.

Aside from her technical expertise, she is a talented artist. On festive occasions, you can find her artwork brightening up our lovely office space. Like all of us, she really misses the celebrations and intellectual conversations during break time. But she also goes on to say that she loves work from home as it has given her the opportunity to spend time with her daughter. It has helped her establish a healthy balance between her personal and professional life.

We wrapped up the call with one last question about the values that define FULL Creative for her: Learning, flat-structure and the freedom to experiment. She speaks about how everyone from her team leader to the director of the company have been supportive and encouraging in bringing in new technologies. “This was the perfect platform for me. And for those who are joining the company, this is the best platform to learn. Even if you just spend a month here, that knowledge will help you a lot.”

If Nithya’s story has inspired you to learn more or switch your careers, stay tuned for more stories about our change makers!

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