Alaskan Double-Take

Comparing past and present for a better future

Since 1969, geologist Bruce Molina has visited Alaska about 300 times. On each trip, he’s reproduced historical photographs originally taken by naturalists and explorers like John Muir—pictures that date back as far as the 1880s. (Photo: Bruce Molnia/USGS)

By standing in the same spot as the original photographer, Molina is able to show how the landscape has changed as the climate gets warmer. “To me,” Molina says, “understanding the obvious—the photographic pairs—was the best mechanism to present irrefutable, non-judgmental, unambiguous, unequivocal visual documentation that climate change was both real and underway.”

These photos show one more reason why we do what we do. Breaking the mold of the past to cut down on driving is a way of preserving our beautiful planet. Let’s change how the world works!

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