How Americans Get to Work

Getting to Anywhere Works

We know how many of our CX employees get to work—they walk down the hall or into the next room of their own houses. Our team in the Portland office bike, drive, or take the bus. In Chennai, our team tends to rely on motorcycles, trains, and taxis. 

Overall, FULL Creative is quite a bit different from most companies when it comes to commuting. We think that’s a good thing! 

This interactive infographic shows how Americans get to work. You can choose which modes of transportation to include or exclude. Then, the map will show the color of the most common included means of transit in each county. You can hover over your county to see the breakdown.

Obviously, driving alone in a car is #1 just about everywhere. If you take that out, you’ll see a lot more carpooling. Take that out, and walking and our beloved working from home show up more (they count farmers as working from home).

The map shows how far we have to go to make Anywhere Works a significant factor in the USA and around the world. Let’s get to it!

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