Bathtub Cities

Changing the commuting culture

Under the old model of urban planning, Fast Company cofounder Alan Webber says, “downtowns operated more or less like bathtubs, filling up in the morning rush hour, emptying out in the evening like clockwork, and then remaining eerily silent, empty and deserted until the next morning brought another wave of commuters.”.

This image of the city as a bathtub—filling up with commuters each morning and emptying out at night—shows what’s wrong with the way we live today. It’s wasteful. We waste our time fighting traffic. We waste space when the big office towers sit empty after business hours. And we pollute our environment, which might just lead us to waste our entire planet.

So what can we do? We can continue the movement that’s already happening—to shift to a work anywhere model that uses technology to let people work from home, from an office, from a coffee shop, or from wherever they happen to be. We’ll get back our wasted commute time, our vibrant, mixed-use communities, and our freedom to work how we want to.

By bringing work to us, we’ll be more able to schedule work around life, rather than the other way around. We’ll achieve more and make our communities feel more like home. We’ll reconnect and re-energize the places we live by no longer draining them daily of their most important assets—people.

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