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Staying active while we work

Computers and the Internet have given us the ability to be more productive than ever and to work from just about anywhere. But a recent study shows that the transition to more sedentary jobs over the last fifty years has contributed to an epidemic of obesity. 

Those of us who work at a desk might have to get creative to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our own Betty Mapes got a Fitbit for her birthday on August 29th. The bracelet-like device tracks your steps throughout the day, helping encourage movement and activity. Being on a dedicated account, Betty sometimes has time between calls. “I started walking in place,” she says, “and on an average day of 8 hours I usually get between 10,000 and 15,000 steps.” That’s between five and seven-and-a-half miles. As of December 3rd, she had already logged 1,059,929 steps!

“I love my Fitbit and it has given me the motivation to get up and move between calls rather than just sit here,” Betty says. “I’m so grateful to FULL Creative for offering the Fitbit in the AdaptiveYou store. I hope many more people get the opportunity to get one.” If you want to add some other simple exercises to your day while you save up those points, this list of 33 ways to stay active at your desk may help. Let’s get moving!

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