Brittni and Addi

Flexibility for work and family in El Paso

Brittni Lopez knows the value of a flexible work environment first-hand. She’s been with FULL since October 2013, first as a Bilingual CX Specialist, then in sales, and now as a CX Engineer. (She was referred by her cousin, Rachel Gomez, who is also still with us.) Before coming to FULL, she struggled to find jobs that allowed her to care for her 7-year-old daughter, Addisyn, who has cerebral palsy.

“With my previous employer I found myself having to choose—again—what was more important, Addi or work. They were not flexible with me. Not all jobs are life- and family-friendly,” she says. A home nurse cares for Addi while Brittni works, something that’s only possible because she works at home. On days when Addi is very sick or has an appointment, Brittni is able to get time off. “The leads and supervisors are so understanding and the company is flexible with all situations,” she says. “It takes a big load off my shoulders to have a company that is on my side.”

Working for FULL has allowed Brittni to buy a new vehicle that she’ll be able to modify to accommodate Addi’s wheelchair. “I could not ask for more,” Brittni says. “Everyone has been so wonderful. Being able to make money for us and still be home and where I need to be for my family is literally unexplainable. I love it!”

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