Calculate Your Carbon

How much do you burn?

We hear a lot about how carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are changing our climate. But where does that carbon come from? It’s emitted by industry and internal combustion engines…but how much do you personally contribute?

The first step to understanding a problem is measurement. When you know where you are, you can start to figure out where you’re going. CX Specialist Raquel Nungester (pictured above) shared this carbon calculator to help you figure out how your decisions and lifestyle affect the environment. Raquel’s score was 17 tons of carbon equivalent per year. She attributes most of her points to the food category. “I have whittled my car usage down so that it’s not really a big thing,” she says, driving only about 2,750 miles a year around her home in Sherwood, Oregon. 

The calculator, Raquel says, “definitely shows us how we can do better to help the planet. Also that it does not have to be huge changes like going off the grid or going vegan. Little things put into your normal life can have a big effect.”

Give the calculator a try. Then find the posts about it on Facebook or Google+ and let the rest of us know how you did, what surprised you, or your ideas for how to reduce your footprint. 

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