Caleb Care

Keeping family ties and the family budget strong

In the weeks leading up to the March 2014 birth of her son Caleb, CX Specialist Melissa Murphy worried about how she’d juggle childcare with the job she spent an hour commuting to from her home in Nampa, Idaho. “I cried and cried thinking of leaving my baby boy with someone else for the day, even if it was family,” she says.

She found a FULL Creative job listing online and applied. When she didn’t hear back right away, Melissa and her husband made a decision. “We knew I needed to be home with our baby, no matter how much I couldn’t afford it,” she says. “Having Mommy at home was something we both grew up knowing, and it was so important to us.” So, Melissa quit her old job. “Total leap of faith!” she says.

After working her last day, Melissa was home when the phone rang. It was FULL Creative calling to interview her. She started her new job at FULL a couple of weeks later. “To say this has been a blessing, being able to stay at home, is the biggest understatement ever,” she says. “We have been able to sell our second car, and I am able to both help financially and stay home with our beautiful baby boy, Caleb.”



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