Car-Free in Southern Oregon

Sharing rides where everybody knows your name

Cities like New York, Portland, and Austin have long had their share of people without cars. Density, public transportation, and bicycle infrastructure help people find other ways to get around. But what about less urban places, like Southern Oregon?

Our own CX Consultant Elizabeth McCleary lives car-free in Sutherlin, Oregon. Elizabeth says she used to drive a Mercedes when she lived in tony Lake Oswego, just south of Portland. After spending two years in South Korea teaching English, she decided to make a change and moved to Sutherlin, a town of 7,763 near Roseburg.

“I decided that a simple life was better for me,” Elizabeth says. When she needs to get somewhere, she calls¬†the local dial-a-ride program. “The drivers are all volunteers,” she says. “I know everyone and everyone knows me.” (In the photo above, that’s Elizabeth in the hat with a driver and dispatcher.)

The program allows Elizabeth to enjoy door-to-door service without adding another car to the roads. She’s able to keep her job as part of our Anywhere Works team and still live in the small town of her choice. “Environmental concerns are everything to me,” she says.¬†

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