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Working for justice one shift at a time

Jay Vasquez attends Arizona State University online from her home in Coahoma, Texas. With a major in psychology and a minor in criminal justice, Jay hopes to work in the criminal courts as a forensic psychologist.

“I’ve always had an interest in the human mind, why it feels the way it feels and what drives it to do things,” she says. Having seen people fall victim to crime, Jay looks forward to a career that “will allow me to study the why’s and if’s and help save a life. That’s what keeps me driven.”

Flexible scheduling helps Jay handle work and school. “Being able to work from home and go to school online has been such a blessing,” she says. “I’m able to work around both schedules and still have a healthy social life. I have a great support system at work that helps me stay on track with my studies—not to mention, the virtual camaraderie is incomparable.”

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