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Communication is one of the biggest challenges to a Work Anywhere model. Even though coworkers in an office may not talk to each other much during the course of a day, they do know they have the option to talk face-to-face when they need to. So how do remote teams stay connected?

Technology, like video chat and instant messaging, can help fill the gap. But the real key is not how you connect with your team, but when and why. Remember, one person’s connection is another person’s interruption. So don’t sacrifice one of the biggest benefits of Work Anywhere—private concentration—in your efforts to stay close. Scheduling the right amount of brief, regular online hangouts can help your team stick together without wasting time.

As for the reason why you connect, Work Anywhere offers a great opportunity for insight. We’ve all sat through meetings that pulled everyone in the office away from productive work, for far too long, and then walked out without feeling any closer to our goals. By making face-time the exception rather than the rule, we have greater incentive to make our time together count. Is this something that needs to be discussed in person? If the answer isn’t an absolute yes, consider using another means of communication.

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