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Giving to the less fortunate in Redmond

Back in August, the FULL community shared ideas for volunteering as part of the Great Give Back initiative. Laurie Thom recently shared her story of working with the Redmond, Oregon, fire department’s annual Toy and Food Drive. She’s the drive’s volunteer coordinator, while her husband serves as warehouse commander.

The effort started in the late 1940s with one family helped out by local firefighters. This year, the program served 350 families, distributing 479 Christmas dinner and food boxes and 304 toy bags to struggling families in the area. Laurie’s son and daughter have been helping out with the drive since they were in elementary school. “My daughter always says that the Toy and Food Drive is our Christmas,” she says. 

This year, Laurie used some vacation time to get all the packages ready in just 8 days. She put in 97 hours coordinating the 70+ community volunteers who helped out. “All the food and toys were donated from the community and all this was accomplished by an all-volunteer staff,” Laurie says. “This is a gift from the community to the community!”

Taking care of others is an important part of being a good citizen. That’s what we hope to do as a business, and we love hearing that our team is out there volunteering. On behalf of the whole FULL Creative team—great job, Laurie!

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