Deep in the Heart of Texas

Heading south and downsizing without changing jobs

CX Mentor Abbey Savoie has lived most of her life in Idaho, most recently in Caldwell. About a year ago, she decided to move closer to her family in Texas. “The fact that I could keep doing a job that I enjoy made the decision that much easier,” she says.

In early October, she packed her stuff, her son Jack, and her dog into the car and drove the thirty hours to Canyon Lake, Texas—between Austin and San Antonio (that’s them in the photo above, on a hill about a minute from their new place). In the process, she traded a 1100 square foot home for a 432 square foot cabin. “I was worried at first about moving into a smaller place,” Abbey says, “but it’s actually much less stressful. I now own much less, and what I saw as necessities before are now nothing but clutter.”

With her son’s school just a mile away, and plenty of trees and deer closer than that, Abbey is settling into her new home and getting to know the friendly neighbors in the five other nearby cabins. She’s still getting used to the Texas insects, though. “Idaho bugs are nothing but a snack to Texas bugs,” she says.

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