Experience Anywhere: Mario DeSantis

Our top salesguy enjoys some sand and surf.

Experience Anywhere is a new program we’re launching designed to give amazing employees a chance to have an equally amazing experience. Working remotely has already freed us from the office building, we’d like to take it even further and free you to get out and explore the world.

Sales is a difficult job. You spend the day facing rejection with every call. It takes empathy, strong communication chops, unparalleled customer service skills, and a highly driven personality. It’s also an important job. The teammates making those calls are responsible for our continued growth and success as a company. That’s why our second Experience Anywhere candidate is someone who has been one of the top salespeople: Account Executive Mario DeSantis.

If anyone know the ins and outs of AnswerConnect, it’s Mario. Having been with FULL Creative since 2009, he’s always been an integral part in testing new programs. Describing him as a pioneer, Account Executive Manager Karen Booze says, “He continuously gives great feedback on beta systems tests, before they roll out to the CEA’s, all while remaining top sales performer consistently over the years.” In fact, Mario has kept his spot in the Top 2 salespeople for the last two years running.


To take a break from all that selling, Mario enjoyed some much-needed relaxation time at the Oregon Coast, splashing in the surf, and playing in the sand. “I would have chose a longer trip further away,” he explains. “But life happens and there are things that keep me here where I can’t leave for an extended period of time. The beach was a logical choice, romantic, calm, beautiful, and local….It fit the bill for what I was wanting to accomplish.”

Mario and his girlfriend spent a weekend enjoying good food, watching a sea storm, and taking quintessential walks on the beach. “It felt really good,” he said. “Sales isn’t an easy job; you really have to pave your own way for success. Having our great company show me how much they appreciate the contributions and sacrifices I’ve made for our company really meant a lot. The trip was a huge opportunity to take a step back, enjoy a different reward that I don’t normally provide to myself, and recharge for another amazing 7 years!”



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