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Flexibility at work means better balance

About this time last year, Bridget Hostetler was working for two friends who had a chocolate business near her home in Emmet, Idaho. Sounds great, right? But Bridget found there was a problem: if eating chocolate were an Olympic sport, she says, “I’d have a gold medal.” She decided to send out some resumes and found FULL Creative.

“After my first week of training,” Bridget says, “I knew I loved this company. I bragged about it to my husband each and every day.” Rick Hostetler listened, applied himself, and got the job. Now, Bridget works in sales on AnswerConnect, while Rick plays a similar role with AnswerForce.

Working together at home has gone well for the Hostetlers. “He does tend to get competitive about tiers and box scores, leading to lots of eye-rolling,” Bridget says of her husband. “But I can handle him.” Having their computers in different rooms, and working on different brands, helps the Hostetlers keep some independence. At the same time, Bridget says, “if I need help or a quick guide, I can yell at him in the other room.” 

The Hostetlers aren’t the only family with more than one member working for FULL. But whether our employees have a relative at the company or not, many find that flexible scheduling and working from home means more time for family. When their neighbors are driving on a highway, our team can be home with the kids, pets, or just enjoying some quiet time alone…maybe even with some chocolate. 

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