Not Her First Rodeo

Gay paints us a picture

Gay Stockdale came to FULL Creative as a CX Specialist in 2012 and is now a mentor. “I enjoy coaching other agents and helping them improve their own skills,” she says.

When she isn’t mentoring for us, Gay takes photographs, writes, and paints (her pastel work “Buddies” appears below). Her interest in art, she says, started when her mother got her a Jon Gnagy Learn to Draw set as a child. Over the years she’s learned computer-aided techniques and desktop publishing, as technology has changed the art world. “But I still love using pen and ink, graphite and colored pencils, and especially watercolors,” she says. “There’s nothing quite like the feel of those tools in my hands and the act of conveying what I see in life to paper or canvas.”

Gay saw one of her short stories and a poem published in a recent collection of work by Northwest women authors (contact her for details), and expects her first book, Funny Just Finds Me to come out in January. “I still manage to be creative in my off hours and feel very blessed to have been granted the talent to do so,” she says. 


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