Flooding in Chennai: part 3

More photos from the soaked ground in Tamil Nadu

The city of Chennai, on India’s southeast coast, has seen widespread flooding after the worst rainfall in a century. FULL Creative has about 200 employees who live and work in Chennai. Many of them have been sharing photos and stories of their experiences as we try to make sure everyone is safe. Please help spread the word about the Chennai floods.


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James, who is from Portland but has been living and working in Chennai for several months, shared these photos:

JamesMo4 JamesMo3 JamesMo2 JamesM21 JamesM20 JamesM19 JamesM17 JamesM16 JamesM15 JamesM14 JamesM13 JamesM12 JamesM11 JamesM10 JamesM9 JamesM8 JamesM5 JamesM4 JamesM3 JamesM2 James20 James19 James18 James17 James16 James15 James14 James13 James12 James11 James10 James9 James8 James7 James6 James5 James4 James3 James2

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