Freeway Farming

Collecting carbon from auto exhaust

At FULL Creative, we believe Anywhere Works—reducing automobile emissions by empowering people to work where they are—is a great strategy to fight climate change. If more companies and organizations adopt remote working, we’ll all be much better off.

In the meantime, this ingenious project from Geneva, Switzerland might help us deal with some of the carbon emissions coming out of our tailpipes as we cruise (or crawl) along the world’s freeways. The installation grows algae in tubes running along an overpass. The algae feeds on the carbon, keeping it out of the atmosphere. With that food and sunlight, we get a high-protein substance for food, biofuels, or other products.

The project, from the Cloud Collective, is a great example of innovative, win-win thinking. As long as there is carbon spewing out of our engines, we might as well use it!

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