Building a culture of learning and growth

What is FULL CORE? In a way, it’s our answer to Google’s celebrated 20 percent time practice. Google’s informal policy (which may or may not still exist at the tech giant) encourages engineers and others to devote approximately one day a week to a company-related passion project. 

For FULL’s operation in Chennai (which includes software development, IT, HR, and other teams), CORE is about learning, discovering, growing, and exploring. The goal, says Kevin Payne, is to make learning part of the fabric of our Chennai office. “When learning and discovery is the default state,” he says, “we’ll evolve the concept to have more of a focus on creation of new things.”

In How Google Works, Google ex-CEO and current executive chairman writes extensively about the benefits allowing his company’s “smart creatives” to have the freedom to work on their own ideas. You may have heard of one product that came out of that process: Gmail.

Despite the hurdle of low home internet access, our team in Chennai is full of smart creatives with tremendous capabilities. We can’t wait to see what they learn and create!

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