Handsaw and Duct Tape

Making Anywhere Works work

This picture is ridiculous. 

Or is it? Yes, this guy’s contraption is made out of lumber and duct tape (photo via). But on the other hand, he clearly wanted to work outside. And he is outside.

Sometimes when you try to do things differently, people call you stupid or make fun of your cobbled-together early efforts. That might make you want to quit. But maybe that’s really the time to push forward and build Ridiculous Lumber Duct Tape Shoulder Contraption Mark II. 

We don’t have all the answers for how to make Anywhere Works the norm. But we know that sitting in a haze of freeway pollution staring at someone’s bumper and then sitting some more in a drab cubicle isn’t the best future we can have. 

If you need us, we’ll be in the backyard with a handsaw and some duct tape. Come on out!

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