The Most Important Job

Taking care of the really serious business

When Alisa Davis was a banker at Wells Fargo, she’d drive fifteen miles to work in the morning and another forty miles every afternoon to pick up her infant daughter Angel at daycare. “I took a leap of faith by leaving the bank,” she says, “because I saw how it was affecting my most important job—Angel.” 

By working from home as an Intake Advisor, Alisa is able to do Angel’s pre-Kindergarten lessons with her. “She reads, writes, and loves math,” Alisa says. The pair also have time to do some volunteering together, such as the Oregon Coast cleanup project pictured above. “What a great time we had!” Alisa says. “This has truly been a blessing for all of us because she’s well adjusted, I am not as stressed, and for that reason neither is my husband.” 

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