Legal Eagle

Following our dreams on a flexible schedule

Amanda joined FULL Creative in October 2013 as a CX Specialist and is now a CX Talent Scout. She is also studying to become a paralegal at her local community college in Texas. Her ultimate goal is to become a court reporter. “I love words, office work, and typing,” she says.

“As a CX Specialist I loved the flexible scheduling,” she says, and in her new recruiting role “I have still been able to set my schedule according to my work-life balance needs. This allows me to do my work, internship for school, and night classes, as well as my homework.”

Having worked in call centers since she was 18, Amanda says, “I never thought that it mattered much because I always felt like another face in the crowd when I went in to work. FULL Creative has made me realize that being empathetic and caring to people is a great skill to have.” As a recruiter, she says, “it is very important that this amazing company hires only the best applicants who genuinely care to help and be there for our clients and callers.”

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