Meet our Newest Setmore Creative Lead!

From design intern to UI/UX Extraordinaire


Vishal joined FULL as a Design Intern four years ago. His keen eye for attractive, intuitive design landed him the role of Graphic Designer, then Sr. UI/UX Designer. Vishal has had a hand in the design of every product and tool in the FULL family including our Client Web Access, the new AnswerConnect website, our online learning university AdaptiveU, and more. Basically, if you’ve interacted with anything at FULL, you’ve seen his work.

Now, Vishal will be focusing his impressive design skills exclusively on our appointment-scheduling software Setmore as the Creative Lead. Learn more about Vishal, his new role, and what this means for FULL’s future design needs below:

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Well, I’m a Minimalist; I like things around to be organized. I’m also an animal lover (I would love to be a zoo keeper for a day). I live in Chennai, and I love to travel, listen to music, and try different cuisines.

What got you interested in design in the first place?

It all started when I was in school for Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Seeing different design materials like posters, certificates, and banners made me want to try designing things on my own. It gradually became an interest. I didn’t know much about UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) until I joined FULL.

That opened different path for me. Design is all about solving problems. It challenges both my left brain and right brain every moment. I love being challenged.

What will your new role as Setmore Creative Lead entail?

My responsibility is to understand the ins and outs of Setmore and handle team requests in a way that meets set standards, whether they’re visual or logical. Aside from design, interacting with customers is going to be a key aspect as well. I need to understand their behavior and make decisions based on those metrics.

Do you look forward to moving from many brands to one brand?

Moving to a single brand will give me more opportunities to explore how a product works in tandem with the different departments involved. I would like to foster a culture where everyone on the team can give ideas and be a part of the design process. I’m happy to be on-boarded with Setmore at this crucial point of time.

What’s your #1 piece of advice for someone wanting to success in a creative role with FULL?

Empathy is key. Learn to keep the ego aside and receive all feedback as constructive criticism.

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