Night and Day

How one family engineers the work-life balance

Amanda and Jason Paulin live in Sheridan, Oregon, about an hour and a half drive southwest of Portland. Both of them have been with FULL Creative for about two years, most of that time as CX Engineers (Amanda was recently promoted to CX Engineer Team Leader.)

The couple also has another job—raising daughters Harper (pictured above) and soon-to-arrive Willow. With two parents working at home, they’re able to stagger their shifts so Harper always has mom or dad around to watch her. Amanda works early, starting at 6 am, while Jason works late, starting shortly after Amanda gets off and working until 11 pm. With no commutes, they’re able to hand off parenting duties relatively seamlessly—and they don’t have to worry about day care costs. 

With Willow’s birth fast approaching, Amanda says, “FULL Creative has transformed our lives, and given us the freedom to expand our family comfortably.”

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