No Yeti Required

Anywhere Works means bad weather won't stop us

The Northeast part of the US is getting pounded by winter storms. It’s gotten so bad that the Boston Yeti has returned from wherever he lives when there isn’t three feet of snow on the ground.

Apparently this is a friendly yeti, who helps shovel people’s cars out of the snow banks. But depending on mythological creatures to help us is no way to live. Luckily, we know that Anywhere Works. That means we don’t need our cars to get to work—we just need our slippers.

Even the US government recognizes that telework (as they call it) is an important part of emergency preparedness. Telework is now integrated into the government’s Continuation of Operations Program. Not to be outdone, FULL Creative has our own COOP. See, first we make the coffee, then we turn on our computers and log in…no yeti required.

When you work where you are, it’s that much easier to continue business as usual when weather shuts down the roads. So we’re ready to continue our operations in a blizzard. And because our CX Specialists are spread out across the country, no one weather system can knock us out. So, thanks but no thanks, Mr. Yeti. Keep up the good work, though—there are still a lot of unfortunate commuters out there who might need your help.

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