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Diana's shooting for a brand new goal

Diana at cardiac internship

Diana is part of our team, helping our clients’ callers from her home office through our remote work model for live answering. Her first love is soccer—her family tells her she practically started walking with a soccer ball, because she wanted to be just like her big brother. Since then, she’s played for 26 years—including 10 years competitively.

She had 9 scholarship offers to play soccer, but a pair of surgeries kept her from achieving her goal of playing professionally.

Instead, she’s working towards a doctorate in clinical sports psychology. She did a cardiac rehabilitation internship at Baylor Hospital Dallas, helping everyone from athletes to senior citizens.

In the photos here, you can see Diana on a trip to Vancouver to watch the women’s World Cup. “Soccer players live to watch live games at the World Cup,” she says. “That trip was a dream come true for me.” She also traveled to Puerto Rico for a friend’s birthday.

Despite not playing competitively anymore, Diana still laces up her boots to play soccer, and she’s added rock climbing to her repertoire as well.

When jobs are flexible about when and where people can work, it opens up all kinds of possibilities. Remote work lets people swap out their commute for the chance to learn, travel, or just kick it the way they want to.

Diana playing soccer

Diana in Puerto RicoDiana in Puerto Rico

Diana in Vancouver

Diana rock climbing



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