Paperless Trail

Doing more by using less

Did you know FULL Creative sends out up to 12,000 notices to our clients each month? That’s a stack of paper five feet tall, every month.

Too much paper! So, a few months back, we went paperless for client notices and switched to electronic messages. It’s FULL Creative’s latest step on the Paperless Trail.

The first step, Natalie recalls, was getting rid at the garbage cans at every desk in our office. “This made you do a walk of shame when you had to throw away paper,” she says. Then we moved to Google Docs and and created online client signup and service agreement documents. In HR, Lorissa’s team no longer prints out 27 pages for new hires. They’ve gone electronic, too.

It takes some work to change a system. But sometimes, the way things have always been done just doesn’t cut it anymore. Looking for new and better ways of doing things is part of what FULL Creative is all about.

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