Recruiters Unite

A remote team comes together for work and fun

Our recruiting team is a great example of how people in different places can work together. Led by People Operations Manager Lorissa in Portland, team members Ursula, Tanya, and Amanda are all based in Texas, while Sarah lives and works in Idaho. As a group, they collaborate with support staff in Chennai as they recruit the best new CX Specialists (and other staff) in the states where FULL operates. They put the “work” in Anywhere Works.

In October, the four recruiters came to Portland for a kind of Hive Week. By getting together in person, our teams can strengthen the collaboration they do remotely the rest of the year. The team worked on improving departmental procedures and especially on how to “explain more about our culture and mission and really get people excited about our ‘why,'” Sarah says.

Being from Portland, Sarah took the team on a hike in the Columbia Gorge (see photos above and below). Tanya found Multnomah Falls impressive. “Serenity at its best!” she says. At the office, Ursula liked the repurposed elevator, which is now a small meeting room. “One of my favorite places to hide!” she says.

Even though the recruiting team has distributed work down to a science, they appreciated the opportunity to get together. “I absolutely loved meeting my entire team in person,” Ursula says. “I feel closer to my team and to others I met, making my job easier and more fun. I love my job and I love working from home, as it gives me the flexibility that I need to be with my family and homeschool my kiddos. I just wish I could see my wonderful team more often!”

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