Robin’s Recovery

Finding the way back from injury

In March 2013, CX Mentor Robin Murphy was celebrating her husband’s 46th birthday when a dance floor mishap left her with six stitches in her forehead and a kneecap fractured in three places. Eight weeks later she had healed up, but didn’t have insurance coverage for physical therapy. As a result, she couldn’t bend her knee enough to drive.

“I looked for months for a job I could do from home,” she says. “Out of the blue I found FULL Creative.” The ability to work from home on a flexible schedule has made a difference for Robin. For those with limited mobility, even if it’s just temporary, cutting out the commute can be more than convenience—it can open up new possibilities.

“I have met so many wonderful people here,” Robin says. “I couldn’t imagine working for any other company, nor could I be happier anywhere else.”

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