Saved by the Bell

Balancing work and learning with flexible scheduling

Britney, who lives and works in Salem, Oregon, just finished up her program in massage therapy at University of Western States, learning massage techniques for medical, sports, and trauma situations. Next, she plans to finish her bachelor’s degree at either Pacific University or Portland State. FULL Creative’s choose-your-own shift system helps. “Scheduling here is really advantageous,” she says. “It helps me to be a flexible student and a successful student.”

When her classes are predictable, falling between the hours of 9 and 1 on weekdays for example, Britney can work shifts before and after school. When she isn’t sure how much time she’ll need to study, she can just schedule herself for the minimum hours and pick up more time as needed. With Skype on her phone, she can go into FULL chats any time. “I post what hours I want that day. People text me directly, and I can just snatch it up,” she says.

Having this flexibility helps Britney pursue her educational goals while still having an income. “It’s a relief,” she says. “I hope it continues for my education, and I’m sure that it will.”

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