Scouting Sustainability

There's a badge for that

Calista spends her days as a CX Team Leader. When she’s not working, she helps out with another kind of team: Boy Scout Troop 1 in Salem, Oregon (established in 1912, it’s the oldest troop in the state, as far as we know). As the troop’s merit badge counselor, Calista teaches the scouts what they need to know to earn the sustainability badge, a step on the way to becoming an Eagle Scout.

“Boy Scouts are heavily involved in things that conserve the environment,” Calista says. “A big push from this badge was recognizing ways we as individuals, families, societies, and communities are being wasteful, and minimize those.” A parent who is an architect, for example, spoke to the troop about the relative sustainability of different building materials and how some can be reused or repurposed beyond their original function.

The badge was no cake walk—a year later, only one of the ten boys had finished it. Zachary got the badge on December 16th at the troop’s Court of Honor. Congratulations, Zachary, and kudos to Calista for helping local youth learn about and act on sustainability issues!


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