A Shopping Revolution?

Choosing used to save money and resources

Yerdle has a mission: to reduce how many new things we buy by 25 percent. The free smartphone app gives you credits for donating items you don’t want. You can spend your credits in Yerdle’s online marketplace to get things other people gave away. 

One of Yerdle’s supporters is outdoor clothing company Patagonia. With its Worn Wear program, Patagonia is sharing stories about people keeping and repairing their old gear instead of continually buying new stuff. (That’s Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard in the photo.)

According to Yerdle, there are billions of unused items out there that could be put back into productive circulation. All it’ll take, they say, is “a revolution in the way we shop.”

Sounds good to us! The idea of using fewer resources, and making the things we buy last longer, fits right in with FULL Creative’s company values. Are you on board for that revolution?

(Photo: Worn Wear)

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