Snow Big Deal

How to weatherproof your business

If this office looks a little empty, you’re not wrong. Forecasters predicted a big snowstorm for Portland (and extreme cold for much of the USA), so we made the call to work from home. Of course, because of our Anywhere Works model, this decision only affected a few FULL employees—the rest were happily working away at home anyway, from North Carolina to Texas to Idaho to Oregon, or at our office in Tamil Nadu, where Maha assures us it’s a seasonally typical 85 degrees.

This particular storm turned out to be underwhelming. However, bad weather, be it snow or monsoon rains like these in Chennai, can really mess up a business. Our CEO Michael remembers how bad weather challenged FULL Creative before we went to a distributed model. “In past years we would be terribly affected, driving folks around and talking about buying a fleet of company 4×4 vehicles,” he says. “As is: Anywhere Works.” Even high winds, like Portland experienced last week, can foul up the works. “We lost power to the office for four hours on Tuesday,” Michael says. “In years past, that would have hugely impacted our service levels. But I checked during those times and we were at 98-100% throughout. Again: Anywhere Works.”

A little snow doesn’t stop FULL Creative! We spread out to make sure we’re always on the job. But snow does make a pretty picture. Take a look at these shots sent in by our staff. Top to bottom, they’re Virginia’s view in Prineville, Oregon, Sarah’s in Idaho, and Robin’s in Idaho.

Virginia snow Prineville

Snow day in Idaho2

snow 111414

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