Team Mel’s Triumph

Keeping Anywhere Works teams connected

When you’re part of an Anywhere Works team, or even just work with one person in a different location, it can be tough to stay connected. Over the summer, teams on one of our biggest dedicated accounts took part in a contest both to learn new things and have fun together.

For the competition, called AdaptiveYou Summer School, the different Sokolove teams completed special new badges such as Make Stress Your Friend and Body Language on our in-house training system, AdaptiveYou. At the end of the summer, Mel Dennis’ team came out on top with the most points. Team Members Celia Volk, Amanda Sonju, Jennifer Cason, Mel Dennis, and Rayanna Supple (pictured above, left to right) met at BJ Willy’s Woodfired Pizza in Beaverton, Oregon to celebrate. 

“It was a great opportunity for some members of the team to see each other face to face and gave them the opportunity to celebrate their teamwork,” Mel says. “Being together as a team helps to reinforce a positive working environment and build team morale.”

Congratulations to Mel’s team and to all our teams! Together, we’re building expertise and exploring new ways of doing things. Your dedication makes Anywhere Works work. 

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