Three Generations

Jennifer hits the road with her kids, husband, and dad

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Jennifer Sant’s been doing some traveling with the family lately. Above, she’s at Monterey Bay Beach in California with her dad as they drove the West Coast. “Trip of a lifetime,” she says.

Jennifer also hiked with daughter Devree and son Brevin to the waterfall in the next photo. Her 6’2″ 15-year-old son Beaux stands with her in Las Vegas on another trip, and on the lower right she’s with husband Justin, who was recently inducted into the basketball hall of fame at Southern Utah University. Justin, #22, was the team’s starting point guard in 2001, when they made it to the NCAA March Madness tournament.

One of the great things about remote working is the greater opportunity for family time. Instead of fighting traffic, you can spend time with your loved ones. Congratulations to the whole Sant family, and happy travels in the future!

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