Three Years of Connecting Anywhere

Rebecca celebrates her three-year anniversary organizing FULL's 10@Anywhere meetings.


Approximately three years ago, CEO Natalie Fung approached Operations Manager Rebecca Goodhouse with the goal of bringing structure to weekly check-in meetings. These meetings were previously open only to select stakeholders and managers. The company was opening them up to include all FULL members via our video chat software and increasing their frequency to six times a week. They named these 10-minute meetings “10@Anywhere.”

It was clear someone with strong organizational skills was needed to keep them running smoothly. Rebecca, with almost eight years experience leading and managing one of FULL’s largest teams, was an ideal fit. Read about her experience below:

What impact have the 10@Anywhere meetings had on the company?

When we all worked from an office, we were able to keep up with what all the departments were doing thanks to “water cooler” moments. When we transitioned more to working anywhere, that happened a lot less. We tend to work from our own islands. The 10@Anywhere meetings are a way to have a connection with the rest of the world, the rest of the company. We get to meet new people and start conversations.

How has the experience been for you personally?

It’s been fun to do it and keep that social butterfly aspect going on. It’s been fun getting to know people and learning what they do. When you have to coordinate something that’s company-wide like this, you really get a broad perspective. It involves every position, every department, across the country. In an effort to find monthly hosts, I’ve talked to so many people, and those relationships have continued to develop afterwards.

What can you say to someone who’s anxious about hosting a meeting?

This is really good timing, because I’ve just succeeded in getting the biggest introvert ever to host! If you have a fear of public speaking, I promise you, these meetings are so low-key, and you’ll get such a feeling of accomplishment from them. It’s your first step towards growth.

Every Client Experience Associate remembers how scary it was to take their first call, and then it got easier and easier. It’s just taking that initial step. And a 10@Anywhere meetings is so much more casual and fun than taking a call. If any of our team needs encouragement to do it, they just need to reach out to me, and I will encourage them!

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