Trash Talks

Getting a clean perspective

Yes, that is a wall of trash near the entrance to FULL Creative’s Portland office. What is it doing there? Good question.

We’ve been getting into walking meetings. Walkie-talkies, as we sometimes call them, are a great way to get some exercise and a new perspective on things at the same time. While we were out there walking and talking about how to deliver more value to our customers, we noticed something: there’s a lot of litter around. We started bringing trash pickers and buckets with us. People asked us what we were doing and wanted to pitch in. Trash Talks—picking up cigarette butts and discarded soda cups while walking and talking—were born.

On November 18th, our friends at Harlo Interactive, who are helping us with marketing, held an event at our space. We decided to share the Trash Talks idea with them, so we built the trash display (full of all the trash we’d collected over the previous week or so) with the help of Weedman Design Partners

Trash Talks is a way for our FULL Creative team to explore different ways of doing things. Meetings don’t have to happen in a conference room. They can take place over video calls or on the go. And we don’t have to accept the way things are. We can take garbage from the street and turn it into a thought-provoking display. 

Stay tuned for more developments as we spread the word about Trash Talks and Anywhere Works. And if you see some litter, why not pick it up? (Keeping it in a case inside your house is optional.) 

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