Walking The Walk

Good ideas don't always happen in the same place.

At FULL Creative, we touch base and collaborate in a lot of different ways. We meet around a conference table and we chat online. But our favorite way to have a meeting is by going for a walk around the neighborhood.

It might seem strange at first, but we find that walking and talking go great together. Getting out into the community keeps us energized and focused on the conversation we’re having (instead of the emails that can distract people back at the office). Sometimes we even see something―like a brood of ducklings swimming behind their mom―that makes the day a little more fun.

Your workday may or may not involve a lot of meetings, but there’s always time for a quick walking break, and breaks are good for your productivity. If you work at home, a walking break might even help you stay connected to your community while you stretch your legs. If you have a favorite place to take a walking break, let us know on Facebook.

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