Work Flexibility Means Family Fun

How Brittany, Thomas, and Ava work it out

Brittany Jessie has worked at FULL Creative for two and a half years from her home in Raleigh, North Carolina. The photo above is from her family’s trip to her husband Thomas’ family reunion in Virginia in September 2015. The reunion was Brittany’s first time meeting Thomas’ mother’s side of the family. “There were way too many people to count,” she says.

Brittany and Thomas added a new member of their family, Ava, shortly after she started working at FULL—she was five months pregnant when she was hired. “I really like working from home,” Brittany says, “and I loved the fact that I would get to stay home with Ava when she was born. Ava is definitely a mommy’s girl.” Brittany works part time, mostly at night after Ava goes to bed. Thomas works long hours and often goes to sleep early. Being able to choose late shifts means Brittany gets to spend more time with both Ava and Thomas while they’re awake. Being native northerners, neither Brittany nor Thomas has family nearby to help out with childcare, so that work flexibility really helps the couple manage their responsibilities.

“This is the first time I’ve ever worked at home,” Brittany says, “and I think if I ever go back to working a regular job it would be a huge transition. FULL gave me the flexibility to be a mom and work.”

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