Working Remotely Together

Sarah and Robert share a home office and work flexibility

For Robert and Sarah, remote working is a family affair.

Robert leads one of our teams of Customer Experience Associates. Sarah leads our team of recruiters. And all this leadership happens in their shared home office in Caldwell, Idaho.

About five and a half years ago, Sarah started working with us as a Customer Experience Associate. Her husband Robert, she says, was an advocate for the company right from the start. “Being a business owner, he thought it was genius,” Sarah says. “He told me all the time he could see the value in using our service. He also loved our culture and would sometimes be a silent presence in the office while I took calls.” A couple of years later, with work scarce in a down economy, Robert mentioned to Sarah that he was thinking about applying to work at FULL, too. “We really talked about what this would mean for our family, and naturally the pros outweighed the cons,” Sarah says, “so he applied.”

“Working together remotely for FULL Creative is really interesting,” Sarah says. “Our friends cannot understand how we do it; from an outside perspective we are always together!” The reality, she says, is not that unusual. Although they share an office, their workloads don’t allow a lot of time to talk to each other during the day. “If one of us is not on a call or in a meeting, the other one is,” Sarah says. “Like most couples, we end up catching up at the end of the day, over dinner.”

Robert and Sarah also stagger their schedules a bit, with Robert getting the kids ready for school in the mornings, and Sarah picking them up in the afternoon and getting dinner ready while Robert finishes his shift. “It may not work for everyone,” Sarah says, “but we are really grateful to be here. We keep each other excited about the company and about our jobs, we share what we learn with each other, and every day we are growing professionally and personally.”

That professional growth is reflected in the leadership roles Robert and Sarah now occupy at FULL Creative. Personally, Robert says, the work flexibility lets the couple pursue their favorite pastimes, from baking decorative cakes to camping at Beverly Beach in Oregon to relaxing over a beer tasting at 10 Barrels Brewing in Boise.

“Overall, working remotely has had an undeniably positive effect on our family,” Sarah says.

Tide Pools 2015 2

Beverly Beach on the Oregon Coast, where Robert and Sarah like to go camping.

New garden additions 1

The backyard where the couple can relax after a day of working from home.


Robert and Sarah’s son is a big fan of zombie tv drama¬†The Walking Dead, so they made this cake for him.


Some more of Robert and Sarah’s sweet creations

10 Barrells sampler

Robert enjoys a beer tasting flight at 10 Barrels Brewing, located in an old building his architect buddy helped refurbish in downtown Boise.


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